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Vibrational Energy Medicine has moved to a new website!


available ONLY for Tuning Forks from list below
UPDATED 09-08-20


I no longer accept Retail Tuning Fork orders except
tuning forks listed BELOW
. now sells its entire line ONLY to WHOLESALE companies,
that is companies reselling tuning forks to their customers and/or students.
Rellers must have a state issued Sales & Use Tax license.

Order Form in WORD
Order Form as PDF

must use my Order Form to place all orders, which can be emailed, faxed, or snail mailed to me.
Instructions are on the form. If an order is emailed without using my Order Form, it will not be processed.

I do not take orders over the phone.

I no longer accept PayPal as payment.

Orders will be processed when I have time to do them. I am working limited hours, so your order may not be submitted for processing for several days.

If you do not want to complete the payment information on the Order Form, you can leave payment information on my secure voicemail at 919-563-1600.
Be sure to leave ALL information required for payment (see Order Form) or your order will be delayed and may not be placed at all. I no longer have time to follow up with customers when an Order Form is not properly completed.

 TUNING FORKS that may be ordered retail
they are available only at

* Kabbalah: Sephiroth, Archangels, YHVH, I AM THAT I AM, Adam Qadmon, 3 Veils, 3 Pillars and 4 Worlds
* Pythagorean SHARPS (supplements the Harmonic Spectrum set)
* Endocrine Glands

* Colorpuncture & Colorpuncture UV & IR
* Brainwave Tuners
* Meridians and EEV tuning fork frequencies were graciously provided by a school in Europe.
new Schumann Resonance Set
* Custom frequencies from 30 hz up to 8000 hz (only frequencies that are not offered on



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