Supplier since 2000. Made in the USA!

We are the original supplier of MEDIVIBE Tuning Forks for Healing since 2000
Crafted in USA, Highest Grade USA-made aluminum alloy material, Hand-tuned & Hand-tested 2 times.

Don't confuse our genuine, highest quality USA-made aluminum alloy tuning forks with the inferior imitations made in INDIA, PAKISTAN, CHINA
or other non-USA country. Even some USA websites are selling tuning forks made overseas.
Always ask!!!

August 30, 2021
3:10 pm

I am no longer taking any new Wholesale Applications or retail orders.
I will take only current Wholesale customer orders through September 2.

Beginning September 3, 2021, Luminanti tuning forks may be purchased WHOLESALE ONLY
directly from Medivibe Technology, the manufactuer of my high-quality tuning forks.

 Starting September 3, 2021
to place
WHOLESALE orders only or ask questions:

EMAIL Order Form:

FAX Order Form: 815-562-6193

PHONE: 815-562-6541

Medivibe will accept my Order Form from current wholesale customers via email or fax
For those wishing to purchase tuning forks wholesale, contact Medivibe to request the Wholesale Application.
They will not be accepting RETAIL orders.


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